Music video / videoart
Genre : Electronica / ambient
6’03 min – Technique : video / stop motion (2 000 photos)
Directed by Christophe Thockler (photography - editing - post production) / Client : Thrill Jockey (USA)
Extract from the album Captain of None, words and music by Cécile Schott (SACEM).

I'm Kin is an abstract video made with lights, reflections and textures, a six minutes evocative and atmospheric work emphasizing the hidden meanings of the song. When I discussed with Colleen about the video, I was fascinated to learn how she constructed her beautiful song and created the lyrics, so, we chose to embody these lyrics but in the meantime we wanted to create something mysterious and surreal.
On a more metaphorical level, Colleen's music is very dichotomic, it sounds like ambient, modern cold downtempo, but it is crafted with real instruments, I really love this way of working and wanted to convey this in the video, that's why I used many organic elements and manipulated the images in a sharp numerical way, with mixed sequences, a large amount of post production and many subtle chromatic aberrations.

© July 2015

• Released on July 2015
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