The complexity of this electronic track, mixing both cold and warm sounds, inspired me to create something I call “electrorganic” : a mix of blood and human tissues with electronic components like LEDs, screens and boards. The result is an intriguing video, where you don’t really know what’s happening, but you can imagine that some sort of electronic machine is powered by, or producing blood.
Movies and music videos from the 80s and 90s were in part a source of inspiration for this video, there are some sequences that are very small tributes to audiovisual works I love like Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo, Coppola’s Dracula, Cameron’s Terminator, Carpenter’s The Thing, Cronenberg’s Videodrome, the music video Digging in the Dirt by Peter Gabriel…


Music video / videoart – 4’14 min
Genre : Electronic / ambient breaks
Technique : Stop motion (7 000 photos) / video
Client : Ghostly International (USA)
Director : Christophe Thockler (photography – editing – post production)
Music : Aterial, extract from the EP Arterial, composed by Lusine (Seattle, Washington State – USA)
Details : 7 000 photos, 30 min of video, 15 kg of electrical components from old TVs, phones and computers, 5 liters of blood.

Christophe Thockler

Freelance director & graphic designer collaborating with all kinds of companies for their needs, I create still and moving images for print, web and television.