When Michna and I started to discuss about a music video for the track Solid Gold, we quickly talked about minerals and how we loved them. I had a small collection and we soon decided to do some tests and go in this direction.
In this video, I obviously wanted to work with the beautiful textures of the rocks and tried to add something dynamic and kinetic effects to enhance the sequences. That’s why a large amount of shots are done mixing stop motion and motion design.
Solid Gold is another exploration of a theme I love, the search of the beauty in the mundane. I like to think about the idea that the casting of this video is made of ancient majestic characters from all around the world, it’s also a tribute to nature, with small bits of our planet dancing together during three minutes.
This is my second collaboration with Ghostly International, I thank them for their trust.


Music video / videoart – 3’03 min
Genre : Electronic 
Technique : Motion design / stop motion (8 500 photos)
Client : Ghostly International (USA)
Director : Christophe Thockler (photography – editing – motion design – post production)
Music : Solid Gold, Extract from the album Thousand Thursday, composed by Michna (New York – USA)
Details : 60 gems and minerals from 15 different countries all over the world.

Christophe Thockler

Freelance director & graphic designer collaborating with all kinds of companies for their needs, I create still and moving images for print, web and television.