The second video I directed for Victoria+Jean. As the Firecracker track is fast paced, I wanted to manipulate glass marbles and lights to create a sort of abstract and playful piece of work, an explosion of lights and a kinetic whirlpool of reflexions. It is a visual recreation, a feast of shapes and colors moving in rhythm with the song.


Music video / videoart – 3’03 min
Genre : Electro / alternative rock
Technique : Stop motion (15 000 photos) / video
Client : Victoria + Jean (SE)
Director : Christophe Thockler (photography – editing – post production)
Music : Firecracker, extract from the Album Divine Love, composed by Victoria + Jean (Stockholm – SE)
Details : 15 000 photos, 550 marbles and an old television.

Christophe Thockler

Freelance director & graphic designer collaborating with all kinds of companies for their needs, I create still and moving images for print, web and television.